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This site is dedicated to assist businesses in India to comply with tax laws even as they achieve their business goals. The Indian tax environment is challenging. It's complex, ever-changing and tax authorities often seen as "aggressive". There are some celebrated cases like the one where the revenue after losing in the Supreme Court, amended the Income Tax law retroactively going back 62 years. With very serious adverse implications for the taxpayer and India's image abroad!

Even if one ignores such goal post shifting retroactive amendments, Indian taxes still remain a mine field of uncertainties. Taxpayers should know their taxes and the risks well. Every business step should be taken with caution to avoid serious repercussions sometimes several years later! It’s not just about mistakes. Sometimes critical operations get stalled due to tax glitches.

Tax Quotient is dedicated to guide and assist tax payers to avoid such problems. However, Tax Quotient strongly believes that legitimate taxes must be paid and unfair taxes or tax proceedings strongly resisted using legal remedies.

Today, we are not geared to continuously splash instant tax news. Initially, our focus will be on indirect taxes and we will eventually provide a more comprehensive coverage including direct taxes. However, whatever we do, we intend to bring the most incisive, helpful, comprehensive and critical analyses of taxes and implications for business. We also intend to cover gradually areas tax risk management, in-congruent tax laws, strange interpretations and absurd taxes. We hope that this will not only help tax practitioners but the content is equally palatable to all business persons who may not be familiar with taxes.

To improve the quality of our output we will need continuous feedback from reader. While positive feedback will encourage us, we would also like your criticism to improve.

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